Facial Equipment

  • Introducing the Axiom CO2 Fractional Laser. Experience the epitome of skincare technology with our Axiom CO2 Fractional Laser system. This revolutionary cosmetic device combines the power of CO2 technology with skincare innovation to transform the skin. -FDA Cleared device -Fine line and wrinkle reduction -Skin rejuvenation -Twin mirror galvanic scanner for precise placement of energy -Articulating arm with hand piece for ease of use
  • Whether you call it a hydrafacial, an aquafacial, or a dermafacial, our Dermafacial is your partner and must-have machine for a proper and thorough hydration facial and personalized skin health. Cleanse, extract, and hydrate to achieve glowing, youthful looking skin with powerful serums and a personalized experience. With 7 effective, intuitive, and adjustable hand-pieces, the DermaFacial machine is the ultimate tool for perfect facial customization to achieve optimal client results.
    • Infuses proprietary serums while removing dead skin
    • Massaging ultrasound for smooth textures
    • Multipolar RF for improved elasticity
    • Micro-current for increased cellular stimulation
    • Oxygenates skin during nutrient infusion
    • Hot or cold handle to open and close pores for improved tolerance
    • Variable pressure product delivery
    As always, expert training is included with the purchase of our DermaFacial machine. Watch this informative DermaFacial Operational Video! DermaFacial Video Instructions & Features Please contact us for more details. *Comes with Glow Skin Rejuvenating Exfoliator Kit and 10 Exfoliator Tips
  • ICON PRP Collection Kit with one 12mL PRP tube and full collection kit.
  • State Of The Art CO2 Fractional Technology Contact info@soesthetics.com or (480)430-7795 for pricing and information
  • The Nuova Microsystem
    • All metal housing
    • German 9-speed motor
    • Red LED to promote healing
    • Corded operation
    • Up to 2mm depth
    • Affordable micro-cartridges 
    *Purchase of The Nuova Microsystem INCLUDES one bottle of Hymed Pure Hyaluronic Acid and 10 Micro-Cartridges.
    • Perfect preparation before any energy-based treatment (RF, lasers, IPL, and more)
    • Safe treatments
    • Hygienic and sanitary
    • No clogging
    • Vast treatment options
    • Minimum consumables
    • No risk of damaging sensitive areas
    • Features & Benefits
    13 diamond tips varying in size, shape & coarseness grades, customized for various skin types and symptoms. Contact info@soesthetics.com or (480)430-7795 for pricing and information  
  • Embark on a journey of ink liberation with our Q-Switched 1064/532 Laser for tattoo removal. This advanced technology is designed to erase tattoos effectively providing a clean slate for the skin. - Treats multiple colors of ink - Can also treat pigmented lesions and melasma - High peak power - 2mm to 10mm spot size - Dual wavelength for multiple applications - Intuitive user interface
  • Secret RF is a novel fractional radio frequency (RF) microneedling system for tissue coagulation and hemostasis designed to stimulate and remodel collagen and address the common signs of aging. It is ideally suited for use on patients who wish to revitalize and refresh the appearance of their skin on all skin types.

    *Contact info@soesthetics.com or (480)430-7795 for pricing and information
  • Transform Your Patients from Head-To-Toe! Now offer your patients a wide range of body and facial solutions, delivered by Viora’s powerful RF and fractional RF based technologies, for superior results. Contact info@soesthetics.com or (480)430-7795 for pricing and information


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