MiXto SX CO2 Laser

State Of The Art CO2 Fractional Technology

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MiXto SX is a patented system combining CO2 laser technology (the gold-standard for skin rejuvenation) with a high speed scanner. Using a propriety algorithm, MiXto SX delivers in Fractional mode a precise matrix of microspots that penetrate down to the dermis, stimulating the formation of new collagen and achieving immediate shrinkage of damaged tissue. This Fractional methodology uses a unique scan pattern which is calculated to produce a tissue thermal relaxation time resulting in faster healing with less patient discomfort.

-Excellent Results

-Greater collagen stimulation

-Shorter down time

-Lowest risk of side effects

-Made in Italy

-Compact and ergonomic design; 7 joint articulating arm

-Touch screen interface for ultimate ease of use

-Complete range of accessories for use in numerous applications

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