Skincare Products

  • The Kit includes 4 bottles for step-wise facial procedures (Step 1 thru 3 plus cleaning solution).
  • GlowSkin exfoliator kits for a "carbon cleanse", create the BOHR effect which occurs when carbon dioxide bubbles pop on the surface of the skin pulling oxygenated blood to the surface. GlowSkin also provides exfoliation, hydration, lightning and brightening. Comes with 2 boxes: Box One: 6 Rehydration pellets and 6 packets of serum for use with DermaFacial machine (for a Carbon Cleanse). Box Two: 6 Exfoliation pellets and 6 packets of serum for use with DermaFacial machine (for a Carbon Cleanse)
  • This professional-grade hyaluronic acid is unlike any other moisturizer. It can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water – saturates the skin with hydration and retains the essential oxygen in. Proven ingredients work to stimulate growth factors prompting cellular renewal for wound healing, psoriasis/eczema, after lasers, as well as after radiation therapy. **Made in Nevada, USA.

    Paraben Free.  Preservative Free.  Vegan.  Gluten Free.  GMO Free.  Animal Friendly.

  • ICON PRP Collection Kit with one 12mL PRP tube and full collection kit.
  • Embark on a journey of ink liberation with our Q-Switched 1064/532 Laser for tattoo removal. This advanced technology is designed to erase tattoos effectively providing a clean slate for the skin. - Treats multiple colors of ink - Can also treat pigmented lesions and melasma - High peak power - 2mm to 10mm spot size - Dual wavelength for multiple applications - Intuitive user interface


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